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BruehlConsult: RTX2000
Digital, Analog,
and Microprocessor Design.
Hard- and Software,
PCB Layout and Prototypes,
Expert Troubleshooting.

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Here the list of our successful projects:

Alarming system for fire-brigades with alarm plans

Amplifier for frequency control for driverless vehicle systems

Assembler software for HP system 35

Automatic switch for computer periphery

Automatic telephone dialer

Bar code reader decoder software

Bit map memory unit for video tape recording

Car status announcement system for police operations centers

Car status announcement system for fire-brigade vehicles

Computer network between IBM /380 and Siemens R300

Computer network between IBM and Siemens BS2000 under VTAM/SNA

Computer network between IBM /S1 20mA/9600 Baud with Siemens-S5 RKE3962 48kBaud

Connection cable for printers with embedded serial-parallel converter

Control device for temperature monitoring of a rotary kiln

Controller board with VFD display

Controlling of automatic sample supply equipment for dosimeters

Coordinate measuring instrument

Coupling of a numerical control machine with host computer

Coupling of a Siemens computer R300 over MSV2 with IBM under VTAM/SNA

Coupling of a Siemens computer R300 over R3964 with IBM /380 over SNA (multiprocessor system)

Decoding software for bar code readers and magnetic card readers

Digital multiple frequency generator for driverless vehicle system

Display control for LCD, VFD, electrical luminescent display, video

Dosimeter sampler control

Driverless vehicle system, Troubleshooting

Driving desk for model railways, electronically

Event counter

Fiber optics interface for S5, 1 MBaud

Fire-brigade alarming system

Fire-brigade Information System FIS

High speed interface for computer coupling

Impulse dialing memory system

Industrial data capture terminal - software with bar code reader, magnetic card reader, fluorescence display and LCD

Infrared remote control for still-picture projectors

Intelligent connection cable for printers

Interface for wireless stock exchange ticker radio receiver

Interface for digital Touch screen

Interface 20mA Current loop / Centronics parallel

Interface 1 MBaud for S5-PLC with fiber optics

Interface RS422/RS485 to 20mA-Currentloop

Interface RS422/RS485 to RS232

Interface for the connection of an LCD to an VFD display interface

Interface tester for simultaneous analysis of 6 asynchronous interfaces

Isotope writer control for radiation measurements

Isotope radiation evaluation, measuring electronics

Linear measuring instrument for DNA measurement

Magnetic card reader decoding software

Maximum minimum monitoring computer for temperature monitoring

Measuring electronics for the proportional evaluation of isotope radiation

Memory board 1 MB/4MB for S5

Microprocessor board with one chip microprocessor and ADC

Microprocessorboard with RISC processor

Microprocessor board with RISC processor and video processor

Model railway driving desk, electronically

Model railroad track occupying alarm unit

Multiple frequency generator, digitally, for driverless vehicle systems

Music input over computer keyboard, program for

Numerical control machine coupling with dual processor system

Oil production - wireless network control

Operator console for status observation of 200 cars

Optic-electronic relay

PT100-Temperatur control with 0,1°C accuracy

Physician emergency call controller for plant casino

Power amplifier for frequency guidance for driverless vehicle system

Preparatory work for the development of a RISC microprocessor

Printer connection, intelligent cable

Program for music input over computer keyboard

Projector with rear projection for microfilm

Radio receiver interface for Stock Market Ticker

Relay, optic-electronically

Remote control for still-picture projectors with selection, path optimization, brightness control

Remote control over electricity mains

SNA SDLC interface for computer network

Safety control for two-hand presses, self-monitoring

Sample supply control for dosimeter reader

Satellite computer for Industrial data capture terminals for IBM /S1

Self-monitoring two-hand press safety control

Sequencer with interval timer

Serial-parallel converter for printers

SmartCard software for automatic vending machine payment

Software for automatic vending machines with remote supervision

Software for automatic vending machines with SmartCard payment

Software for automatic vending machines with payment over debit cards

Software filter for PT100 0,1°C accuracy

Special Branch exchange for three telephones

Special projection equipment for the evaluation of graphic data

Speed delimitation for two-stroke combustion engines

Stock exchange ticker interface for wireless receiver

Stop watch for field surveys

TV test-pattern generator

TV-picture-real-time-monitor for the evaluation of Video films

Telecontrol installation wireless network control for oil production

Telephone branch exchange for three phones

Television picture pattern generator

Temperature monitoring for heating press with PT100,

Terminal software for Industrial data capture terminal

Test pattern generator for video

Testing set for the examination of driverless vehicle systems

Time insertion in TV-picture for the evaluation of Video films

Touch screen interface, digitally

Track occupying alarm unit for model railway

Traffic radio control for Subway

Traffic radio control for streetcars, busses and employment vehicles

Troubleshooting for driverless vehicle systems

Two-hand press safety control, self-monitoring

Two-stroke engine speed delimitation

Video board for control terminal

Video board for Electro-luminescent displays

Video board for TFT LCD displays

Video computer system with diode matrix camera

Wireless network control for telecontrol installation of oil production

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