Hama Accessories


Mini Vibration Loudspeaker FD-500
 Compact electroacoustic
 loudspeaker system
 without membrane,
 functions on all
 rigid bases

                          Well-balanced sound playback    
                                                  US$95.00 + S+H

00054556  Hama Micro USB 2.0 Cable, with LED light, gold-plated, 1.50 m
  Hama Micro USB 2.0 Cable  
 with LED light, gold-plated, 5 ft.
 LED on the USB plug activated by touching
 Gold-plated plug, double shielded
 High-speed data transfer

  Video SDHC 8GB Class 6

 SDHC SecureDigital
 High Capacity Card,
 Complies with SD 2.0
 For terminal devices
 with SDHC slot,
 no standard SD card
 Write protection
 Label area for Notes
                                      US$9.90 + S+H

hama® - Made by Ideas!

Innovation and Imagination are the fundamentals hama® has employed from its inception, which has created the exemplary track record as a family owned business, full of tradition and constantly searching for new markets and technologies.

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S+H = US$5.00                                                                        

Last updated: December 6, 2017

  DMP 200 SD/MMC MP3-Player

 needs SD or MM card up to 2GB as memory -
 can be used as external USB card reader!
                                                    US$19.90 + S+H

DMP200 Instructions

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